What do I bring for Potluck?
The purpose of our potluck is to encourage folks to expand their horizons
in the kitchen and to celebrate each other in our community through the
culinary experience.

If you don't think your dish will be "healthy" enough, bring it along and
perhaps some of the folks in the group can give you suggestions for how
to make it healthier.  This works wonders with your "family favorite."  

Perhaps you don't like to cook.  Lovely assortments of cheeses are always
appreciated.  Or look
this list over for ideas.

Perhaps you want to bring something hot.  There are microwaveable hot
packs you can purchase that can be used by placing them under your dish
and wrapping the dish and the pack in a thick terry towel.

Perhaps you want to bring something cold.  Well, how about a cooler with
ice packs?

Perhaps you don't want to bring anything at all.  That's more than okay!  
Come and join us anyway and have a feast.

The whole point is about community, and there's no better way to create a
bridge to one another than through at dining table (besides we get so long
winded many of us get hungry before the meeting's over).  Let's eat and
enjoy one another.

Please come as you are!